Brittny♥Kendra (effinsexi) wrote in heiress_love,

Paris the heiress is love

Name: Brittny
Age: 15
Location: Claysburg, PA
What do you think about Nicky: I absolutely love her.. especially her new clothing line. She's hott..
What do you think about Paris: She's my idol, I have absolutely everything I can have of her.
What do you think about Nicole: I love nicole, but paris is still my favorite.
Which one of the above three is your favorite: Paris Hilton
In a couple of sentences tell us why you like that person(from above) I love paris because she's so pretty, and she works hard for what she has.  She opens her own clubs, books, perfume, everything.  I admire her because not only of her looks, but of her success and how she became who she is today.
Please show to link where you promoted us: I updated in my journal of this community. and I will promote even more.

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