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Paris the Heiress is love

A.P.P.L.I.C.A.T.I.O.N Name: cora crafts Age: 14 Location: Gilford NH What do you think about Nicky: She might not like being a celebrity as much as the others, but she seems likea very cool person. What do you think about Paris: she is very pretty and self confident. She doesn't have to act like anything, she just is the way she is. What do you think about Nicole: she is pretty, but not as self confident as Paris. she seems like a smart person when she's not trying to dumb herself down. Which one of the above three is your favorite: Paris. In a couple of sentences tell us why you like that person(from above) because she doesn't act like anything special. she just acts the way she is, and makes it look cool to be a little blonde sometimes. Please show to link where you promoted us:
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